Fruitbat Pictures 2004/5 - Gallery 040 / 041

With more topiary and beautiful buildings, Fruitbats have got to work with their camera whilst travelling back through la belle France. This gallery covers bulletins 40 and 41 together.

Photo 4001: Camping au bord du lac Photo 4002: Miramont-sur-Guyenne Lakes Photo 4003: Neris les Bains building
Photo 4004: Neris les Bains timber building Photo 4005: Neris les Bains opera house Photo 4006: Neris les Bains municipal building
Photo 4007: St. Vincent, trees and the lorry Photo 4008: St. Vincent bullring gates Photo 4009: Sever pollarding, St. Vincent
4010: Village bushes Photo 4011: Village church Photo 4012: Village topiary
4101: Dave and Chip au bord de la mer Photo 4102: Dave and Chip au bord de la mer 2 Photo 4103: Dave and Chip au bord de la mer 2
Photo 4104: French lighthouse Photo 4105: Dave and the family

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