Contacting the Rolling Fruitbats

... really couldn't be easier, except that we're on the road c/o The Lorry, Somewhere, Europe, so it's not really easy at all! That's why we've provided several options:

  1. If you know our private email address, then please continue to use it 'cos we tune in as often as we can
  2. Otherwise, you can leave a short message in the Guestbook, which we'd love to read ...
    For the time being, please with any Guestbook comments - See the Guestbook View page
  3. To subscribe to the email version of the bulletin, use the subscribe link below, making sure to provide your name and email address.

  4. Finally, you can
  5. who will pass on your delightful messages (having filtered out any junk, so please don't send any junk)

Please note that if you are unable to use these direct email links, you should write an email in the normal way, to "webmaster" for subscriptions and other website related feedback, or to "fruitbats" for messages to us, both at this domain.

Thanks loads
Jeni and Dave